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Feb 18, 2009 at 02:44 AM

OSA : Final Appraiser rejects document back to last Part appraiser.



The appraisal template is configured with 2 part appraisals and final appraisal. There are 2 sub-statuses within "In-Process" to track for each part appraiser sequence (eg Pending Part Appraiser 1, Pending Part Appraiser 2). Once the last part appraiser submits, it goes to "In-Process" with sub-status "Pending Final Appraisal" for the Final Appraiser to either accept or reject. We want the final appraiser to be able to click "Accept" to complete the appraisal document or "Reject" which will require the last part appraiser (i.e. the 2nd) to revise.

I have configured the Status Flow for "Pending Final Appraisal" to either go to Target Status = "Completed" or Target Status/Substatus = "In-Process"/"Pending Part Appraiser 2". However, the latter does not work. When the Final Appraiser clicks "Reject", though the status and substatus reflects correctly on screen, the document still stays with the Final Appraiser and only the Final Appraiser column is opened for input.

Can someone advise what is wrong ? Thank you.


Kir Chern