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Feb 17, 2009 at 02:21 PM

Consuming a service from VS 2005 from SAP ES.


Hi All,

I have installed SAP Enterprise Services Explorer for Microsoft .NET and I am able to see the Wizard in VS 2005 .net. I have configured our SAP Service Registry in Tools-Options-SAP ES Explorer.

I have created a Console Application in VS 2005 and in solution explorer, I am right clicking on the project and selecting ADD SAP Enterprise Services.. I am able to connect, browse / search the services available in SAP ESR and when i select any service and click Finish, it says "Updating the Web Reference of so and so project", but at the end, no metadata gets downloaded from service registry. I am expecting the service name to be appeared under Web Reference of the project as soon as I download the service after clicking FINISH.

Please let me know if anybody faced similar problem and would like to understand whether we need to open up any port in BASIS settings or something to download the services to the .net project.