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Feb 17, 2009 at 11:41 AM

BI-IP and BPS Exits through CL_RSPLFC_BPS_EXITS?


I try to use class CL_RSPLFC_BPS_EXITS according to "How Tou2026 Create a Planning Function in BI Integrated Planning that calls BPS Exits.pdf". Function modules UPR_COST_PLAN_INIT, UPR_COST_PLAN_EXEC are used for retracting data into ECC, in BPS its work successfully.

But in portal I have following errors:

1. If "Without Blocking" is empty in function type - "Retraction: Retractor control is missing", "Planning function Z4EXPPF12 ended with errors"

2. If "Without Blocking" is mark in function type - "Function module "" not found., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE"

Parameters for function:



BUSI I_BUSI (data type from FM) 4EXP0001

CASE I_CASE (data type from FM) 6

DELTA DEL_BOOK (data type from FM) 2

PCTFLG CTFLG (data type from FM) 0

RFC_DEST RFCDEST (data type from FM) T90CLNT090

TEST TST_X (data type from FM) 1

How can I trace/analyze/get more detail information about the error of IP planning sequences (I do not find this in NetWeaver Administrator->Monitoring->Logs and Traces) or catch (ABAP debugger for example do not stop on breakpoint in methods...) it in class?

I will appreciation for advice. Thanks