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Feb 17, 2009 at 10:46 AM

External processing



In my case i have create external processing and Inhouse Production in separate routing. My scenario is as follows,

1. Operation 1 is Raw material convert into semi finished.

2. Then I send the Outlet of the Operation 1 material to External Processing, I create a separate routing for that and assign PP02 as control key for the Operation. Then i receive the material from subcontractor and stock updated in Storage location.

3. Operation 3 is to get the finished from the external processing material through a separate routing.after GR for this production order the Order is disappeared in Stock requirement list, but the External Processing Material is in reseved condition. If I Open the Production Order and Set Final Issue Indicator for external processing material and i suppose to save the order system gave the following Error.

Error record for rework exists - no change possible

Message no. CO696


The final issue indicator cannot be set.


An error record still exists for the material which must be processed due to a backflush posting. Once you correct the error record, you can set the final issue indicator in the order.

Error handling.

I don t know where iam lacking , can anyone help me.