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Feb 16, 2009 at 11:16 PM

How to Include BW Web Template in BSP


Hi Gurus,

I am a BW Developer and dont know about the BSP. In my company our web templates( Master template contains different reports) alread published or included in BSP. And they are perfectly running. I added my report to this master web template and I dont know is there any changes do I need to make in BSP so that I can execute my report through portal.

When I run my report through portal It is showing my report link but when I click the link it is showing *"Error loading Template ZSD_VAR". As usual other reports are showing result when I click.....

I haven't changed in BSP since I modified the template. Just I included my report in my template ( BW WAD) using HREF. Please some one could tell me where is the problem. Your help is really appreciate....

My report is working fine from BW WAD. This is not working through portal.


Ganesh Reddy.

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