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Feb 16, 2009 at 09:40 AM

Reg: How to Stop Polling of JDBC Adapter without Scheduling the adapter


Dear Gurus,

Here I am having one requirement. My clients wants to send data from JDBC adapter (ORcale System table) to R3 system via RFC.

His Requirement::

1. He is not telling the time of data flow from Oracle server so that based on that we can schedule the adapter in the Communication Channel monitoring (Availablitiy Time Planning) or Else we can Schedule by deciding the setting of the polling interval time.

2. He is telling that When ever he waants to send the data he will place one dummy file in the File Adapter FTP location so that it will became an Indication for u to poll the jdbc adapter and to transfer the data to R3.

3. Untill he keeps the file or gives indication he doesn;t want to communicate with Oracle server due to some security and it s a most important data base he doesn't want to disturb that Oracle Server as so many business are running on that.....

We Proposed::

1. Atleast you need to tell the scheduling time or poll interval time so that we can schedule our adapter.

but he s not accepting for this

2. Atleast U need to give access for Data base to enter one more extra field like STATUS CODE so that we will add one number and we keep on Update in the Update table and based on that Update table statement it will poll.

but he s not even accepting for this

3. Finally we prposed that to create another table in the Oracle SYstem as Dulplicate Table which is similar to Standard Orginal table when ever he wants to pick the data please keep that data in this Duplicate TABle so that JDBC adapter will pick the data from thsi TABLE instead of picking the data from that standard table so that it will not effect any standard table data in the table.

but he s not even accepting for this

We have done some R & D:::

1. WE approached even through BPM and via switch conditions is one scenario


2. Using correlation in anotehr scenario means correlating File adapter and JDBC and based on one dynamica value it will goes to SEND STEP ( RECE IVE --> RECEIVE --> SEND STEPS )

Even though we know this...concept that...we jsut tried::

In BPM we can control the flow in XI 3.0 but we cannot Stop the Polling of JDBC adapter at backend because one the data comes from FILE adapter it will keep on HOLD untill it receives the JDBC from Oracle then based on the condition or Correlation it will goes futher SEND step means after that file adapter is picking file or not ...what ever it may be JDBC will polls at backend and brings that data to BPM"

Hence sugest me How to Stop Polling of JDBC Adapter without Scheduling the adapter or else using STATUS CODE Update statements in JDBC Tables


Amar Srinivas Eli