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Feb 15, 2009 at 08:07 PM

How to use Excell formula's within EVDRE



we want to built a rather large P&L with time in columns and account and cost center in the rows.

We would like to insert some subtotals within the P&L strucure using simple excel formula's.

So we create the P&L structure and leave some empty rows in between, which are filled up with excell formula's. The row key range is adapted, so it does not reference the excell formula's. If we hit refresh workbook, our P&L is ready and displaying the correct data.

Problem now is if we select 'expand all'. My entire P&L structure is changed and displayes the last section of the row key range several times (as many as we have different row key ranges) ... I've put "noexpand" on all of the dimensions on row and column ...

So normally does one use the functionality of excell formula's within a EVDRE report?


solved it