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Former Member
Feb 15, 2009 at 10:04 AM

Problem with PARAMETERS and SELECT



Pls have a look at the code below.


tables: spfli.

parameters: p_carrid type spfli-carrid,

p_connid type spfli-connid.

data: ispfli type table of spfli with header line.

select * into table ispfli from spfli

where carrid eq p_carrid and

connid eq p_connid.


If in the parameters on the selection screen, we didnt give any values Iam not getting any data into internal table ISPFLI.

Even, if I give 'AA' for p_carrid in selection screen iam not getting any values into internal table ISPFLI.

If we use parameters, in the selection screen is it compulsory to give fill all the values into parameters to get values into internal table???