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Former Member
Feb 15, 2009 at 04:36 AM

Issues with Quota


Employee has Vacation Quota 01 and 02. When there are Absences It should deduct the quota 01 first and then Quota 02 .

For one of the employee there was 8 hrs left in Quota 01 and It started deducting from Quota 02. It is happening to only this employee in PRoduction.

So I went back and added the absences in TEST and after entering the absences I deleted one Absences that was deducted from Quota 01 and Ran Timeevalution and Payroll. So in TEST i had the same result 8 hrs quota left in Quota 01 and it stated deducting from Quota 02

I explained the Senario to the User that someone deleted the Absence that was from Quota 01. User says if the absence is deleted from Quota 01 and when Time evaluation runs it should go and adjust the 8hrs from Quota 02 to Qouta 01. I am not sure if it Does that way. Let me know Why it didn't adjust the 8 hrs form Quota 02 to Quota 01