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Feb 14, 2009 at 07:04 AM

delivery problem



I am getting the following error message while doing delivery i have a returnable packaging material

so in delivery i am doing the packing as soon as i enter the packaging material in delivery upper scrren i am getting this error

ILN basis no. for plant 1111, stor.locat. 4105 or whse number not found

Message no. LE_SHP_BF_EAN128022


The system could not find any parameters to generate an SSCC.

System Response

The system searched for these parameters in the organizational units in

the following sequence:

1. Plant '1.' and storage location '2.'

2. Warhouse number '3.'

3. Plant '1.' (only if storage location is not empty)

4. Globally at client level (if plant and storage location are not


In Customizing, you can define the generation parameters at

plant/storage location or warehouse number level. The system searched

for them in the sequence specified above. You must have maintained at

least one entry at client level (with empty plant and storage location).

You can also maintain different parameters for selected organizational


Maintain the settings in Customizing if you are authorized to do so.

Inform your system administrator if you cannot maintain the settings