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Feb 13, 2009 at 08:06 PM

workflow task not available after transport from dev to training system


System environment:

SAP ECC 6.0 SAP_BASIS 700 0017 SAPKB70017 SAP Basis Component

I have created a transport in dev system containing a workflow and relative zbus7051 customization. The transport has all 0 condition codes when brought into our training region. I ran swu_obuf. When I go into PFTC to look at the workflow, all pieces appear to be there. When I click on check or activate I get 2 informational, 2 warnings, and 16 errors. Three of the errors are standard tasks containing the elements comprising the rest of the errors. In the workflow builder, when I click on the activity, the task is displayed with the "binding exists" beneath the task number. When I double click on the task number, instead of opening the workflow builder, I get the message that the task is not available. SWETYPV has this linkage as active. I have found similar though not exact issues throughout SDN. swu_obuf was suggested in one thread. This particular workflow works in all other systems (from dev to test) and is the current production workflow. We are only having problems getting this to our training system, which was an original copy of our production system. This workflow pertains to MSS/PCR processing.