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Where to install HANA Cloud Connector to use SAP Web IDE in a productive environment

Nov 09, 2016 at 07:50 PM


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Hi experts,

This is my first post on SCN, and I am hoping to get some help from all of the experts out here.

At my client, we are implementing about 50-60 Fiori apps (out of the box Fiori apps + enhancing standard Fiori apps + custom SAPUI5 Fiori like apps). Our client has decided to use SAP Web IDE for productive use (not developer) to enhance these Fiori applications. We have an on-premise Netweaver gateway system that is connected to a Suite on HANA system.

Our questions are as follows:

1) Where should we install the HANA Cloud Connector? Do we need to install it on each developer's machines (we have about 10 developers) or can we install it directly on the Gateway?

2) Is there any supporting documentation out there explaining either solution?

I used the below architecture diagram from this presentation as well as this 6 part blog post to setup SAP Web IDE on my laptop using my HCP trial account. I am wondering if anything would change for a productive environment.

Any help and insight would be much appreciated.



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2 Answers

Philipp Stehle
Nov 11, 2016 at 07:57 AM

You could install the SCC on each developer machine or directly on the Gateway.

Technically there is no limitation on where to install the SCC as long as:

  • The machine has supported hardware and software
  • The machine is able to reach your target Host (in your case the Gateway server)

But: We recommend installing the SCC on a single purpose machine. This is relevant for security. More information can be found in our Security Whitepaper.

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Krishna Kishor Kammaje
Dec 15, 2016 at 04:58 PM

Keep in mind that only one instance of HCC can connect to cloud in a single HCP/WebIDE account.

For example:

With you Organizations HCP account, you bought 6 WebIDE licenses for your developers. Now, using this account only one HCC instance can connect to HCP. Also, you just require one instance to connect anyway. So it makes sence to install HCC in a common server infrastructure, rather than developer installing it on his own machine.

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