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Feb 13, 2009 at 02:20 PM

Automatic Blocking of Invoices


Hi All,

Most of us are aware of the MRBR transaction that is used to unblock invoices. We run ours nightly.

Is there a similar transaction that can automatically block invoices if they do not match after entry?

Our reason for this is as follows:

User raises a PO for 10 off some materials.

User receives the goods and posts a GR

The invoice arrives and our AP department enter it onto SAP, of course it does not block because it matches three ways.

The user returns 5 off the items back to the supplier because, they are faulty, over ordered or some other user type reason.

We would now like the invoice to block until the supplier sends in a Credit note or replacement goods arrive.

Currently our system pays the invoice at the due date.

The business problem here is that if the supplier forgets to send the credit note, (oh yes they do), the invoice has been paid and there is no leverage to get the supplier to send the credit.

We have also had instances where users thought that if they reduce the PO price after the Invoice and GR have been entered this would block the invoice for payment. Obviously this also does not happen.

If there were a blocking transaction, these invoices could be blocked for payment until the three way match was once more achieved.

Sugestions for solutions to this business problem please?


Allen Brooks