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Former Member
Feb 13, 2009 at 02:18 PM

Remodeling of infoproviders-infoobject remove/replace?



Remove one infoobject "A" from infoprovider, this infoprovider already contains data. Is there only one way that I delete data from infoprovider first and then remove it, and then reloading data. Is there any other ways to remove infoobject without reloading data?


Does BI provide "Replace" infoobject functionality? If yes, could I create new one infoobject "B" and then replace "A" from "B", in case of data already in the infoprovider?


After infoobject "A" was removed or replaced by "B", I will transport request from D environment to P. Since infoobject "A" which was not used in any queries based on that infoprovider in P environment before, is it necessary to transport all those queries from D to P again, is there any impact on those queries in P environment without transport them from D to P again after infoobject "A" was removed or replaced by infoobject "B"?