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Feb 13, 2009 at 11:52 AM

Doubts while doing example on WDJ-Using Web Dynpro Component Interface



I am doing the example mentioned in the PDF file WDJ - Using Web Dynpro Component Interface Definition.

In the PDF file its mentioned the following code inside onActionCreateDC1:



"Created Child DC 1");

I have one query that what is it the component name of DC or the package name of DC?

I have deployed the application.When i click on button Create Child DC1 i am getting follwing exception: Failed to load deployable object part 'com.wartsila.test.ChileDC1Comp', type 'Component' of deployable object ''.

When i click on Create Child DC2 i am getting follwing exception: to create delegate for custom controller com.wartsila.test1.ChildDC2CompInterfaceCfg. (Hint: Is the corresponding DC deployed correctly? Does the DC contain the component?)

Can anybody tell how can i solve it?

Is it required to deploy the two child component also that is ChildDC1Comp and ChildDC2Comp?If yes then how to deploy these two child DC as when i am tryng to create application for these two component then default plug is showing blank thats why i am unable to deploy these child Dcs.