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Feb 12, 2009 at 07:26 PM



Dear friends

This is in continuation to the thread link


As per this I performed a 03 u2013 type inspection as follows :

1. MM01 u2013 material created with 03 u2013 type inspection activated in QM view

2. CA01 u2013 Routing created with 2 operations and MICu2019s created separately for these 2 operations in the Routing itself

Control keys u2013PP06 selected for the 2 operations

3. CS01 u2013 BOM created for the material / plant combination

4. Production versions created for the material u2013 MM02 wherein Routing, BOM and production versions are linked.

5. C223 u2013 transaction for mass processing of production versions.

6. CO01 u2013 Production order created for a sample quantity of say , 2 KGS and Quality Inspection selected in Stock type

7. CO11N u2013 operational confirmation ( Time ticket screen )

8. MIGO u2013 where the GR is created for 2 KG sample quantity

9. MMBE u2013 2 KG shows in the Quality stock quantity

10. QA 32 u2013 transaction, for results recording and usage decision made as accepted

Thus the inspection lot for 03 u2013 type is created and UD made.

Kindly clarify the following :

1. Is PP06 the right control key in Routing , for 03 type inspection

2. If the batch quantity to be inspected is 1000 KG , what quantity has to be entered in the Production order u2013 CO01 u2013 whether the total quantity of 1000 KGS or the 2 kgs sample to be inspected. Since there is no stock transfer in 03 u2013 type inspection, have I to select Quality stock type in Production order screen.

3. If there is no stock transfer involved, should I go for MIGO transaction & MMBE, where the quality stock is displayed as 2 kg in quality stock in MMBE

4. After UD is made as accepted there being no stock posting, the same 2 kg remains permanently in the Quality Stock in the MMBE screen itself.

Kindly tell me if the above steps are correct.

Or Can I simply create a manual lot , for 03 u2013 type inspection. Please clarify.