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Feb 12, 2009 at 01:57 PM

How is it posibile to delete an entry of an original file from a DIR



i have the following problem: i use the bapi bapi_document_change2 form vb to change

a document (DIR:Document Info record). I can also add a new original file like XXXXX.TIF to the DIR .

With every run of bapi_coument_change2 i get new entries in the list of the original files.

So at the end i have more and more originale file linked to the DIR.

The aim is that i have only the newest file linked with the DIR and the older entries

are deleted ( the problem is not to delete the original file in the file system , the problem is how

to delete the entry in the sap database. So my hope is that it should be possible to delete this

enttries by bapi_document_change2.

By hand it is posible to change the despription of the originale file.

It is also posible to delete the entry.

I tried to create a batchinput but the recorder does not record at this specioal point something

to delete the entry.

Has anybody perhaps some expirience with this problem (delete the entry of an original file in a DIR)?

Perhaps a little abap example ?

Would be very nice to get an answer.

with regards


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