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Former Member
Feb 12, 2009 at 01:08 PM

Plan Cost splitting


Hi ,

I am facing problem in Plan Cost Splitting.

I made a planning of cost element in KP06 and activity planning in KP26 for all cost centers. Now executed distribution wherein Service cost centers cost got apportioned over Production cost centers.

Now In splitting ,I have defined a structure and rule as well which specifies that cost should be splitted on Activity Qty. I have also assigned cost elements to the respective activities in Splitting structure.

But in Test run, when I execute plan splitting, the values are not matching. Mean, If I check the report of S_alr_87013611 wherein I select cost element group which has been assigned to specific activity, the value shown by the report for a particular cost center is not matching with the figure appearing in test splitting report for that particular cost center and for that activity.

I checked out the difference and found that , in splitting, system is ignoring the that cost which was entered through KP06 and considering only the value which has been received by Distribution. Also , the cost element which has not been assigned to any activity is getting splitted as per the rule mentioned.

What could be the reason for this and how to rectify the same?

Can anybody help me out?