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Feb 11, 2009 at 11:22 PM

Self-Registration - No Initial Password Email


I understand that this topic has been discussed previously but I was not able to find a resolution to my problem.

I have enable Self-Registration on a sandbox instance EP 7.0 SP15 I followed the guide on SAP's help website. The necesary authorizations have been added to the anonymous and everyone group. The link is visible on the logon screen. I can self-register. The problem is the email with the intial password is being sent to the administrator email defined in Notification Emails section. I have maintained the same email address in both fields; System and Central Administrato. Workflow fields is blank.

It seems like the email address that I'm entering during the registration process is not been used; it is as if it does not exist so the system uses the admin email address (which the documentation says it will do if the registering user does not include an email address). I have searched through portal logs in order to find any useful information but was not able to.

The notification emails have been setup. When I reset a password, or create an ID manually I receive those emails. But the email containing the initial password for the newly registered user is not sent to the correct email address

It is worth mentioning that we have changed the data source xml file to point to LDAP as we use LDAP for authentication. In my opinion this should not impact the self-reg process since these IDs are being written to the standard UME database (and not to LDAP).

Configuration Settings:

Config Tool:

ume.logon.selfreg = True

Notification Emails

Self-registration successful = checked

User Admin UI

Enable Self-Registration of Guest Users = checked

Generate User Password Automatically = checked

Display Contact Information Form During Self-Registration = checked

Any assistance is appreciated