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Feb 11, 2009 at 01:52 PM

SOAP Adapter problem: Can't figure out where my problem is



I've got an Async/Sync interface using BPM that sends a file to XI which is mapped to a SOAP Request and should return a response to a another file.

I'm getting the dreaded "Invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML" error.

Now I've read through the many threads about this but I can't find a solution.

In the SOAP adapter module I have the folowing modules



then in the parameters

transform Transform.ContentType text/xml

2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success Delivering to channel: CC_SOAP_RECEIVER_AR1 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success Transform: using Transform.Class:  $identity 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success Transform: transforming the payload ... 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success Transform: successufully transformed 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success CreateSOAPStructure: Module called
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success CreateSOAPStructure: No attachment found 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success CreateSOAPStructure: Module completed successfully 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Success SOAP: request message entering the adapter 
2009-02-11 13:44:38 Error SOAP: call failed 
2009-02-11 13:44:39 Error SOAP: error occured: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML 
2009-02-11 13:44:39 Error Exception caught by adapter framework: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML 

if its "successfully transformed" why am I getting the TEXT/HTML error.


When I type the target URL from the SOAP Adatper into a web browser I can see the wsdl but if I remove the ?wsdl from the URL I can't. Can anyone explain why?

I can't use XMLSpy but I could confirm that my request reaches the webservice.

Can anyone help me with this?