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Jun 21, 2018 at 08:33 AM

CM21 user exit for undo dispatch?



Looking for the suggestion/solution, in some case of CM21 after drag and drop, we got the message CY719/CY720/CY732/CY734.... etc. in planning log .

And user ask that in some specific message, for example CY719/CY720, program should display CY719/CY720 as Error message and undo "drag and drop".

1. We know that settings -> Strategy -> has option "Cancel dispatching due to error " but this will affected many warning message, not only those specific message .

2. There are some user exit CY* and PLAT0001:

I used PLAT0001 to get the planning log and change CY719/CY720 as Error if existed, but cannot find any way to undo dispatch.

3. I also tried user exit CY*, for example call (SAPLCY04 form opr_object_undo ) or change parameter (SAPLCY04)EXTENDED_AFVG_TAB-FUNKTION1 as 'E' ... but no luck...

Any suggestion?? Thank you