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Jun 20, 2018 at 10:13 PM

Restrict Target Group authorization for 2 user groups within same MA


Hi Experts,

Usually Marketing areas are used to restrict the access to TG groups. We have requirements for users in same Marketing Area...the first one we solve, the Target Group restriction we could not yet solve...

We have a requirement to restrict access to (03 display) for one user group e.g. role _BUS vs. _MKT). The Segment Models, Building Blocks created by one group can be seen and used by the other but not modified, saved etc. We solved that issues with PFCG authorization settings allow one group full access while the other user group 03 display only. These are part of the same Marketing Area, We are using on prem 16xx system.


The same should be true for the Target Groups created by each group incl. the release/delete functionalities (status change) of each TG, i.e. not allowing the user with _BUS role to change the TG or set the status of TGs created by _MKT user role and vice versa.

Maybe there is an elegant solution or a need for a BAdI development effort, enhancement etc. to achieve that same access restriction for Target Group? We likely cannot use the Marketing Area restrictions in this case as both _Bus and _Mkt user groups belong to the same. The status restriction would prevent either group to release/delete even their own TGs

thank you for your insights...