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Feb 11, 2009 at 06:40 AM

Data not apssing from method to task


I am using one background task to do posting and capturing errors if any encontered during the posting.

I executed the method from BO and it gave me error in posting if not done and returned all errors in export parameter which i have created for this method.But when i used the method inside my worklfow it does not returned me any errors.At task level in the export parameter i hardcoded some lines of text and then executed my workflow. It returned me the same text which i harcoded, So from it i came to conclusion that error text is not getting passed from method to task....although binding is perfect.

But if i hardcode any values inside the method they are displayed in the workflow container.It is bit strange that only harcoded values are getting passed from method <-- > task< --> workflow.

Will the type of export parameter have any impact on the data transfer.

I am using Export parameter of type SOLISTI1.