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Feb 10, 2009 at 09:36 PM

Synchronization problems - Activating CHARM on project


Hi All,

I am activating CHARM (Change request Management) on a Solution Manager project. Upon CHECK we get SYNCHRONIZATION ERRORS.

Checking returns the following errors:

Error in background job for program RSGET_SMSY error message No active job found

System overview for project XXXXXXXX

Check system XXX

Client-specific transport control (CTC=1): No Import single method: No

The problem is that we followed the instructions on the IMG for Change Management activation, and that included change in parameter CTC in all systems in STMS AND setting the Transport Strategy to QUEUE Single transports. Upon distributing it, it gets all consistent (CTC=1 and Single transports for ALL systems). After a while, I go back and the target systems are back to 0....

Still in the CHECKING log:

Check logical components

No consolidation system found for XXX-002 (project XXXXXXX)

This is an interesting one. Our landscape is set up with 2 clients. Client 001 and 002. We have (therefore) 2 DEVs, 2 QAs and 2 PRDs. I don't understand this message.

Last error in the LOG:

Check consistency of project XXXXXXXX

Message from function module /TMWFLOW/CHECK_PRJ_CONS: No export system for XXX-002

I know it may seem many different errors,but I am convinced they come all from the same original problem, so, of if you know how to correct any of them, please let me know. Fixing one at the time may address the all.


Leonardo De Araujo