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Feb 10, 2009 at 04:49 PM

Derived Dep Area or Comparison betweet two Dep Area, when FYV is different


Hi Guys,

We have business process for Fixed Asset that we have two different Fiscal Yaer Variant. Z1 for SAP Financial (4-4-5) 12 + 4 period with year dependent, assigned to Finance. We have one more Fiscal year Variant Z2 for SAP Fixed Asset, 24 + 4 periods, which we wanted to assign to Tax Depreciation Area, for getting Tax Reports.

Further we also have Derived Dep Area as 90 to difference betwek Book Dep and Tax Dep (between 01 and 10). When we try to assign Z2 to Tax,system do not allow doing the same and gives an error for Derived Dep Area. System gives message that we should use the same FYV for both Dep Area (01 and 10) being having comparison, which also make sense, becuase one have 12 period and another one have 24 period.

My question is, is there any report, where we can have solution to above problem? I mean, do we have any report, where we can do Dep Area comparison?

My another question; if we assing Z2 to all Dep Area for fixed Asset, do we need to run the Depreciation twice a month?

Please advice.