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Feb 10, 2009 at 04:38 PM

OA84 and OAVH - Period Control for 03 and 09 did not get generated


Hi SAP Fixed Asset Gurus,

I got some problem in with period control generation through SAP. My FIscal Year Variant is year dependent. when i generated period control through OA84, system did not generate period control for rule 03 and 09. I am generating from year 1976 through 2050. I can understand that in some cases, if it is not generated, we can maintain through OAVH, but it is not just one or two entries, but many many entires for years (1976 to 2050 X13 for 03). Same way for rule 09.

In addition, we have one more fiscal year variant for Fixed Asset with 24 periods and these rules did not get generated for that one also.

Do anyone knows any program/report, which can generate these entries in Table T090Z? I ckeched OSS notes, but no help.

Please help.


Pawan Sharma