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Feb 10, 2009 at 04:12 PM

Use ESR for modeling global data types, NOT necessarily web services



I am developing a large, cross-platform application that involves parts in ABAP 7.01 and in Java (CE 7.1.1).

I want to model central data types in ESR and generate proxies in the connected ABAP and Java systems. One goal is to harmonize data types across the application even where it spans different technological platforms. Also, I want to reduce redudancy at design time.

So I have created a number of simple and complex data types in my ESR. On the ABAP side, I am well able to generate proxies for simple and complex data types which are not message types or part of a service interface. The resulting DDIC objects are data elements and structures.

On the Java side in NWDS, I would like to import the same data types either as POJOs oder into a Java Dictionary project. Alas, I can only import service interfaces to generate WS proxies or skeletons. But that is not what I want to do. Also, I don't want to create "dummy service interfaces" or "dummy proxies/skelektons just to get a complex data type from the ESR into my NWDS.

I realize that one way would be to export XSD files from ESR and have the IDE generate classes from there. I don't know how this works in detail yet but I suppose it should be easy. However, I hope you can show me a way how to achieve my goal that is more "native" to ESR and CE as in tool-supported an involving fewer artificial export and import steps.