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Feb 10, 2009 at 06:40 AM

vendor evaluation delivery rating



Presently working on vendor evaluation.

i did config. but not getting proper result

pl note the scenario; ifany body can help.

a)On time delivery rating (ODR):- ODR is calculated to determine how precisely a vendor has adhered to the specified delivery dates.

Scoring Procedure:-

ODR =1 if Goods receipt dateu2264 Specified delivery date


ODR =0 if Goods receipt date>Specified delivery date

b) Quantity Rating (QNR):- QNR is calculated to determine whether a vendor has delivered the quantity specified in the purchase order.

Scoring Procedure:-

Quantity Rating Score (QNRS) = _Qty Received/Total qty to be delivered *100


QNRSu2265100 1

75u2264 QNRS <100 0.75

50u2264 QNRS <75 0.50

20u2264 QNRS <50 0.20

0u2264 QNRS <20 0

mainly problem is in spro-purchasing vendor evaluation define purchasing org data for vendor evaluation--pointscore

if anybody can help