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Feb 10, 2009 at 06:25 AM

Data migration:


Hi experts,


In the overall finance data migration, data from the Company Code u2018Bu2019 as-is data structure will be migrated to company code u2018Au2019 with the following requirements:

O Open items in accounts payable

O Open items in accounts receivable

O GL trial balances

O Asset master and transactional details

O Carry forward balances for only commitments

Asset Accounting

1. Capitalization date will follow current NMC, i.e. 1 Jan 08.

2. Cost of asset (acquisition value) and accumulated depreciation values.

3. Cost of asset less accumulated depreciation will derive the net book value (NBV).

4. All the assets will be migrated even if the NBV is $0.00 except disposed assets.

5. As of now NMC is not maintaining the PO number in the asset master data but there is a requirement to capture the corresponding PO number in the asset master under field u201Cinventory noteu201D. As there is a change in PO number during data migration, this requirement has to be further addressed during the data mapping discussion.

Can you please advise me, how I shall proceed for migration.

1. For AP/AR open time u2013 extract the open items from legacy system FY08 and upload into new company code FY09.

What about the posting data; should I follow the original posting date or follow the first day of the new FY.

2. For migrating PO/SO open items;

Should I top-up budget before MM/SD migrate the PO/SO open items.

3. GL data migration: Historical data not required migrate into new company code but GL balances need to be migrated.

GL balances should extract from FY08 / FY09

If we extract from legacy system FY08 and upload into new company code FY08, since the new company code has existing data in FY08 then the GL balances will differ after uploading the legacy system data into FY08.

Can we do the year end closing for FY08 in legacy system and carry forward into FY09 in the same system then extract the data and upload into new company code FY09

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