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Nov 09, 2016 at 02:36 PM

How to build the landing page


Dear experts,

I am dealing with the topic of the landing page. I've read both the installation guide 1608 and the extensibility guide 1608.

In the installation guide, in the chapter about the landing page, there is a php script which provides an implementation class with basic authentication and token management. Merging this file with the html script from the content studio, no result is given.

In the extensibility guide, a method based on a javascript script is given. This method is working, but it uses a post request and thus it is not a good choice in term of cyber security. Indeed, everyone can read the code and upload data without any authentication on the url /sap/public/cust_page.

Which is the right way?

Right now, I have :

- php script from the INST GUIDE 1608

- three files created by the content studio (one of those is a js to complete with the URL host:port etc… (EXT GUIDE 1608)

Observing that the landing page is working with the extensibility guide instructions, is it possible to add an "authentication part"?