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Feb 10, 2009 at 04:55 AM

Unable to find the Overview View in the DC pcui_gp~xssutils of ESS


Hi All,

In ESS application one work set is there with name Overview.When we click on the Overview workset then the page contain 5 links.When i am clicking on Who's who link i am getting error message Page cannot be found.Where as if we will direct click on workset Who's Who then we are able to see the page.

I have imported the ESS track to NWDS.The i have synced the DC,then i have done Create project .Now i am able to see the DC xssutils in webdynpro explorer.I have expanded the Dc and check all the View present inside DC.However i am unable to find the View similar to Overview page.In Content Administration Overview iView is mentioned as WebDynpro iView.

Can anybody tell me how i will get the Overview pafe in the DC?

Is ESS standard package is not deployed to Track properly thats why i am not getting the all view inside the DC?