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T77UU: How are the rear fields being updated, and how do they work?

Hello everyone,

I know the purpose of table T77UU, and I know about the reports RHBAUS00 and RHBAUS02 (so please no standard replies upon those). However, table T77UU includes more fields than just the user name. In our T77UU, there is exactly one user who has a value (of 1) in T77UU-USDAY and a date in T77UU-LSDAY. I wonder how these values got into there (they cannot have been manually maintained, because it is a productive system, and T77UU cannot be manually maintained in production. I am also sure it is not an entry that has been transported from another system).

Do these values have an effect? If so, what is the nature of it? What is the general purpose of these two columns of that table? Are there circumstances when one of the RHBAUSxx-reports would fill these fields?

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1 Answer

  • Jan 18, 2017 at 04:48 PM

    The SAP standard reports such as rhbaus00 are in the SAP standard package SP00 BC-BMT-OM Organization and Planning, a part of BASIS software component SAP_BASIS.

    This answer is based on SAP_BASIS component Release 750, SP 3.

    I can see in package SP00 the following use of field t77uu-usday:

    SP00    CL_HR_SYSTEM_AUTHORITY_TRACE==CM00A  250 **    WRITE 48 l_t77uu-usday NO-ZERO.
    SP00    CL_HR_SYSTEM_AUTHORITY_TRACE==CM00A  251 **    IF l_t77uu-usday = 1.

    If I go to class builder class CL_HR_SYSTEM_AUTHORITY_TRACE method TRACE_FILE_LIST_USER_AUTHORITY line 246 I can see there is only the following code commented out:

    ******Fields are not used yet
    **    WRITE /8 'Letzte Aktualisierung:'(b10).
    **    WRITE 48 l_t77uu-lsday.
    **    WRITE /8 'Aktualisierungsintervall:'(b11).
    **    WRITE 48 l_t77uu-usday NO-ZERO.
    **    IF l_t77uu-usday = 1.
    **      WRITE 'Tag'(b12).
    **    ELSE.
    **      WRITE 'Tage'(b13).
    **    ENDIF.

    These 2 new fields seem to be still in a "work in progress" status as of Release 750, SP 3.

    Maybe someone from the SAP team could help and answer your valid question and explain plans and purpose of the new solution?

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