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Former Member
Feb 09, 2009 at 07:15 PM

BPC Security DOcumentation


Hey folks,

I´m quite new to BPC 7.0 SP01.

I read a lot about Applications Sets, Applications, Dimensions etc.

Now, the next (and last menu) on the left hand in the AdminConsol is "Security". Unfortunately, I can't find any documentation about this.

This menu has 4 subemenus:

1) Users

2) Teams

3) Task Profiles

4) Member Access Profiles

I think, 1) and 2) are self-explanatory. But what about 3) and 4)??? My problem is, that we only con login with bpcadmin to our AppSets, but not with our user-specific users? Is there any access which need to be granted in each AppSet to all users? And what are 3) and 4)?

Any documentation and help will be rewarded!

Thanks a lot!