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Feb 09, 2009 at 11:08 AM

B1i (2005) installation failedSo far: windows XP, MS-SQL 2005 express: ok


Dear All,

I try to install B1i for NW 2005 on a SBO 2005B installation. I have installed all prerequisites like JDK, MSXML, Tomcat (no blanks in path). When running the setup program and after all information gathered, the connection to the MS-SQL 2005 database succeeds and the final installation step starts but returns the message:

"Initail database failed, make sure Tomcat or mini-http is shut down and please check your database's status and try again"

Looking into MS-SQL shows a database beeing created named localhost/B1i. Tomcat and mini-http are definately shut down. When starting Tomcat, it is accessible via http://localhost:8080.

System Parameters:

windows server 2003

SBO 2005B


tomcat 5.5.27 including compat package for

sql jdbc 1.2.2828.100

msxml 4.0 SP 2

I can not find an error in the system. Is there a way to diagnose what is happening and does anyone have an idea where the problem lies?

Ciao, Mathias


I have tried JDBC 2.0.1008 and JDBC 2.0.1607 - both lead to a fatal error when trying to connect to the database. I assume this is due to Java JDK 1.4.2 as JDBC requires Java 5.0 (1.5.0)

Does anybody know if I can use JDK 1.5.0_17 instead of 1.4.2_19?

[Update 2]

I have tried to install the B1i on two other servers with identical setup and it worked. However, this will not help me with this machine... On the other side, it shows, that there is nothing wrong with the procedure I am using

I found by the way: B1i works fine with MSSQL 2005 Express, it works with jdk (and then JDBC 2.0)

[Update 3]

So far:

windows XP, MS-SQL 2005 express: ok

windows XP, MS-SQL 2005 express, SBO2005A: ok

windows 2003, MS-SQL 2005 SBO2005A: fail

windows 2003, MS-SQL 2005 SBO2005B: fail

windows 2003, MS-SQL 2005 SBO2007A: ok

windows 2003, MS-SQL 2005 Netweaver 2004S: fail

Unfortunately the three servers where it fails are the ones I need to use for production

The precise error state is that the install routine creates the database in SQL 2005 and then reports that it can not create the database. Is there something I should check in SQL 2005?

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