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Feb 09, 2009 at 10:59 AM

Regarding REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY import parameters


Hello all

I have 2 doubts regarding normal ALV and OO alv

(1) IN normal ALV REUSE_ALV_GRID DISPLAY Fm ..wats the exact difference between these 2 parameters ICALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE and I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE ?Also event top_of_page can be captured using I_EVENTS wats the purpose of providing the above 2 parameters...

(2) .in case OO AlV i have defined method for event top_of_page of 'cl_salv_events_table' as follows


METHODS : handle_top FOR EVENT TOP_OF_PAGE OF cl_salv_events_table

IMPORTING r_top_of_page

METHOD handle_top.




So when i execute , it dose not go in the method of TOP_OF_PAGE....and when i click summation for particular column in ALV ..then it goes to break-point of Method if i was little confused with this behavious..

Please do reply with your valuable feedbacks.

Best Regards