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Feb 09, 2009 at 07:04 AM

Problem with 2 tables nodes in MAIN window in smartforms...


Hello Experts,

I have created 2 table nodes in my MAIN window to display data coming from different internal tables.

Now, the problem is that whenever the 1st table node page breaks, the 2nd table node gets affected

and it also page breaks. What I want is that the 2nd table must finish displaying certain number of records

before the page break of the 1st table node takes effect.

For example, I want to display 10 records for both table nodes 1 and 2. So I created an event in

table node 1 that if it is 10 records or more, then it will go to the next page. So in effect, my table

2 node did not print any records at all in the 1st page and it only started printing its first record in page 2.

How do I print 10 records also in table node 2 before it page breaks?