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Former Member
Feb 09, 2009 at 05:53 AM

DESCRIBE FIELD statement difference between structure & Itab


Hai ,

I am trying to read field attributes using DESCRIBE FIELD satement & I am getting the field type

in SYDES_DESC-types.

When I am trying to read the attributes of a structure like the one below,

data : begin of STRUCT ,

field1 type c,

field2 type c,

end of STRUCT.

and the table like below,

data : begin of TAB1 occurs 10,

field1 type c,

field2 type c,

end of TAB1.

that is ,

describe field STRUCT in w_sydes_desc.

describe field TAB1 in w_sydes_desc.

( w_sydes_desc is of type sydes_desc).

my question is,

for the above 2 stements the table W_SYDES_DESC-TYPES contains same values

though one is plain structure & another one is internal table with header line.

can any one tell how can we distinguish between the above fields?

or is ther any other approach to find wheter a variable is a struct or table?


Bhaskar M