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Changes to existing hana cloud portal sites

Nov 09, 2016 at 01:34 PM


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I am looking into HCP, portal service and at first glance it seems promising with accelerators like as a starting point, however I have some concerns on the ease of maintenance and expanding on a website built on the portal service.

A simple example to illustrate:
1) As developer: In Web IDE, I create a new site template based on the starter site template and deploy it.
2) As site admin: I create a new site instance based on the deployed site template, add a page from the included page template with a html widget and deploy it
3) As site admin: I request from the developer to add a footer to the existing page template. Also, I want another additional page template added to the site to choose from.

How do I accomplish number 3? If I update the site template and redeploy, this only affects future sites created based on the template. How is existing sites expanded upon? Can I perhaps somehow load the deployed site instance (not the template) directly into web ide and make changes there? This seems so basic, that I feel there must be something I have missed?

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1 Answer

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Nov 20, 2016 at 12:41 PM

Hi Ronnie,

In fact, deploying a new version of the site template will also affect any existing site based on this template. So for example, if you add a widget section to an existing page template in a site template, all your existing site pages that are based on this page template will have a new section available in them.

Unfortunately, adding another page template to an existing site template will not be reflected in the site designer immediately. However, when you add a new page, you can open the "Template Source" drop-down and select your site template (instead of "This Site"). The portal will then scan the template and show you all available page templates to choose from.



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