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Feb 08, 2009 at 10:03 AM

Warning message in VT01 or 02n Shipment completion


II am trying to create a warning message when Pressing the Shipment completion button in VT01 or 02n Transaction.

Standard Activity profile does not have any area to enter a custom Formula or Routine that will help the developer to enter the logic. Also I donu2019t want to use output type to trigger work flow that will call the required program - it will be too data heavy.

Case: We use a Packaging Unit that basically is used to determine the Total, tare and loaded weight (HU in Shipments). The delivery assigned to the Shipment has its item QTY which should be within the Loaded weight of the handling unit. Hence need some sort of pop up or warning message that will inform on Shipment completion u2013 any help or ideas