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How to find the data connection in ALD for customer contact title and service technicians?

Nov 09, 2016 at 01:15 PM


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Hi SAP community,

I have a problem while creating a form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. I cannot find the data connection for two fields: the title (Mr. or Ms.) of the customer contact person and the service technicians of the individual items (ticket - service and repair).

I tested already the following possible data connections for the title:

  • $.ServiceRequest.BuyerParty.FormAddress.PersonGenderCode
  • $.ServiceRequest.BuyerParty.FormAddress.PersonGenderName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.ContactPerson.FormAddress.PersonGenderName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.FormAddress.PersonGenderName
  • $.ServiceRequest.BuyerParty.FormAddress.PersonName.AcademicTitleName
  • $.ServiceRequest.BuyerParty.ContactPerson.FormAddress.PersonName.AcademicTitleName

And for the service technicians of the items, I tested the following possible data connections:

  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.FormattedName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.ContactPerson.FormAddress.FormattedName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.FormAddress.FormattedName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.FormAddress.PersonName.DeviatingFullName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.ContactPerson.FormattedName
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.StandardID[*]
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ServicePerformerParty.InternalID

Moreover, I searched for the technical name in the debug mode, and the service technician here is called /Root/Item/ServicePerformerPartyID (see picture). However, the ServicePerformerParty’s Standard as well as Internal ID doesn’t work.

Does anybody know how the title and the service technicians of the items are called in the data connection ServiceRequest?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Best regards,


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2 Answers

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Mirko Krieg Feb 03, 2017 at 01:37 PM

Dear Deborah,

Just found your question...

We use the follwoing binding.

Service Technician:


Customer contact:


Do you have any idea how to bind the serial ID in ADOBE LIVECYLE?

Best rgeards,


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Dear Mirko,

thank you! The service technician binding now works in my form too. :)

Unfortunately, the proposed binding for the customer contact title (mister/miss) doesn't work....

Regarding your question:

I searched for the serial ID, but I didn't find it. I would expect it in the ServiceReferenceObject (as the installation point ID is there also). E.g. the binding for the product number is $.ServiceRequest.ServiceReferenceObject[*].ServiceReferenceObjectMaterialID.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,



I got it. The title of the contact person (Mr./Ms.) is included in the binding:


Deborah Albrecht Feb 07, 2017 at 07:31 AM

Unfortunately, I had been glad already too early... I'm searching for the service technician of every item (Ticket - Service and Repairs - Items). But with the binding $.ServiceRequest.ServiceTechnicianParty.FormAddress.FormattedName I got just the one technician that is maintained in the Ticket - Service and Repair - Additional Information.

Any other clues where to find?

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