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New Company code creation


Client wants to split one company code to 8 company codes.

Could you please explain what are the neccessary steps to take for this ?

What are the precautions to take in creating Company code, Chart of accounts, AP,AR related,AA and consolidation ?



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3 Answers

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    Feb 07, 2009 at 12:39 AM


    You can keep concentration on the following transaction codes.

    These may be useful guide to you.

    FI Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

    Transaction Code Description

    OBY7 Copy Chart of Accounts

    OB29 Fiscal Year Variant

    OBBO Posting Period Variant

    OX02 Company Codes - Create Check and Delete

    OBY6 Company Code Global Parameters

    EC01 Copy Company code

    OY01 Country Definitions

    OB22 Parallel Currencies

    OX03 Business Areas

    OKBD Functional Areas

    FI Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes (Continued)

    Transaction Code Description

    OBBG Assign Country to Tax Calculation Procedure

    OBCO Specify Structure for Tax Jurisdiction Codes

    OBCP Define Tax Jurisdiction Codes

    FTXP Maintain Tax Rates

    OBCL Set Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions

    General Ledger / Chart of Accounts Transaction Codes

    Transaction Code Description

    OBD4 Account Groups

    OB53 Retained Earnings Variant

    OB15 Sample Account Rule Types

    FSK2 Sample Account Data Transfer Rules

    OB67 Allocate a Company Code to a Sample Account Rule Type

    OBY9 Transport Chart of Accounts

    OBY2 Copy GL Accounts from the Chart to the Company Code

    OBC4 Field Status Variants

    OB41 Posting Keys

    FBKP Automatic Account Assignments

    OB40 Define Tax Accounts

    OBYA Cross Company Code Automatic Account Assignment

    OBYC MM Automatic Account Assignment

    VKOA SD Revenue Account Assignment

    OB58 Financial Statement Version

    O7Z3 Line Item Layouts

    OBVU Special Fields

    O7S7 Sort Variants

    O7R1 Totals Variants

    OBA4 Tolerance Groups

    OB57 Allocate Users to Tolerance Groups

    FBN1 GL Number Ranges

    OBA7 Document Types

    OBU1 Assign Default Posting Keys to Document Types

    O7E6 Fast Entry Screens

    ORFB Financial Accounting Configuration Menu

    OBL1 Automatic Postings Documentation

    OB32 Maintain Document Change Rules

    General Ledger / Chart of Accounts Programms

    Transaction Code Description




    General Ledger / Chart of Accounts Tables

    Transaction Code Description

    BSEG GL Document Line Item Table

    TTXD Tax Jurisdiction Code Structure Table

    T030 Automatic Account Assignments Table

    TZUN GL Account Sort Key (Allocation Field) Table

    Accounts Payable Transaction Codes

    Transaction Code Description

    FI12 House Banks

    FCHI Check Lots

    FCHV Void Reason Codes

    FBZP Payment Programme

    OBD3 Vendor Groups

    XKN1 Create Number Ranges for Vendor Groups

    OBAS Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups

    FK15 Copy Vendor Master Records Creation Programme

    FK16 Copy Vendor Master Records Creation Programme

    Accounts Receivable and Credit Management Transaction Codes

    Transaction Code Description

    OBB8 Terms of Payment AP and AR

    OB46 Interest Indicator

    OB82 Make Interest Indicator Available to the Interest Calculation Program

    OBAC Reference Interest Rates

    OB81 Assign Reference Interest Rates to Interest Indicators

    OBV1 Interest Calculation Automatic Account Assignment

    OBBE Reason Codes

    OBCR Reason Code Conversion Version

    OBCS Map External Reason Codes to Internal Reason Codes

    OBXL Assign GL Accounts to Reason Codes

    OBXI Cash Discount Amount

    OBA3 Customer Tolerance Groups

    OB45 Credit Control Areas

    OB01 Credit Risk Categories

    OB02 Credit Representative Groups

    OB51 Assign Employees to Credit Representative Groups

    OB39 Days in Arrears Calculation

    OBD2 Customer Groups

    Treasury Transaction Codes

    Transaction Code Description

    OB10 Create Lockbox Accounts

    OBAY Define Lockbox Control Parameters

    OBAX Lockbox Posting Data

    OT05 Source Symbols

    OT14 Planning Levels

    OT13 Planning Groups

    OT47 Assign Logistics Transactions to Planning Levels

    OT17 Treasury Groupings

    OT18 Treasury Grouping Headers

    OT16 Cash Management Account Names

    OT29 Activate Company Code Treasury Updates

    OBBY Electronic Bank Statement Transaction Types

    OT55 Assign Transaction Types to House Banks

    OT57 Electronic Bank Statement Posting Rules

    OT51 Map External Transactions to Posting Rules

    OT59 Posting Rules Automatic Account Assignment

    GCRF Currency Translation Ratios



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  • Feb 08, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    Dear Madan,

    Simple method is

    1. Create a one company code properly with full config.

    2. Copy the company code and create a New company code at Tcode EC01.

    3. Later you can change the desire data in masters.



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    • Former Member


      All the steps listed above are related to configuration and have to be done. But the most important thing for you is to determine how the data would be distributed from the old company code to the new company codes? What would be the accounting entries generated and how they need to be captured in SAP? What would be the internal reporting, statutory reporting and tax reporting required in the new enviornment? Would any changes in organizational structures need to be met for the same?

      Thanks & Best Regards

      Sanil K Bhandari

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    Feb 06, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    Hi Madan,

    You can copy the existing company code settings and create a new one

    Create company code. OX02

    Update company code global parameters table. OBY6

    Activate Functional Area Substitution for COS Accounting. OBBZ

    Activate Cost of Sales Accounting.

    Assign company code to controlling area. OX19

    Assign chart of accounts. SE16/T001O

    Assign company code to company. OX16

    GL-Define additional local currency SPRO

    GL-Extend FI Tolerance groups to Users. OBA4

    GL-Extend GL accounts to new company code needed for derivation tables FSS0

    FS15 (Mass) Master Data

    Extend depreciation batch to include new company code. OAOB

    Correct last period posted and transfer date. OAYC

    Check substitutions and validations to the new company code. OBBH/OBBZ

    Payment Program Config - New Company Codes FBZP

    Copy number ranges


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