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Feb 06, 2009 at 04:10 PM

Status Bar Message problem


I have a problem with the status bar messages.

I have extended the ItemMasterData form and have added some items that hold extra data.

In add mode, I have to make sure that values go both in the system table (done automatically by sap) and my table in the db (done by me).

The issue is when the data in the system table is added ok but the insertion in my table fails.

I add my data to the DB in the FORM_DATA_ADD event on BeforeAction false . In case this fails, I have to place a error message in the status bar and remove the inserted Items object ( it is only ok when both insertions work ).

The problem is that SAP shows the "Operation completed successfully" and my error message is not displayed. Normally I could override the status bar events and modify the message, but I need the "Operation completed successfully" to be displayed when both inserts are successful .

Any ideas on this ? Or some work - around?