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Feb 06, 2009 at 01:36 PM

Trigger for an output for a deleted delivery



We tender our loads via an external freight costing system - when a delivery is fully picked, we send the output to this external system and when a shipment document is subsequently created, we fetch the freight rates from there again to accrue in SAP via the shipment cost documents.

That external system traps our data and apart from reporting the freight costs associated with every load, also pays our respective carriers. Occasionally, it happens, that even after a shipment document was created, our orders get canceled or there was something wrong in the delivery (batches, quantity, incorrect shipping point/plant used etc) and we are forced to delete the delivery and do not ship out the goods. When this occurs, we currently have no provision of sending any output to update this external data base with the external system.

We are looking to develop and output that will get triggered if a delivery is deleted so it can send an indicator or something to this external system which can then update it's own system, deleting this load from there so we don't have discrepancies between what was actually tendered and what was not. How can this be achieved? Can a requirement be set up to trigger this new output? If so, what sould it be? Will it still trigger even though the delivery is deleted?

Any other way to accomplish this? Appreciate any ideas.

Many thanks!