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Former Member
Feb 06, 2009 at 07:29 AM

Problem with select end select statment


Hi all genious,

Actually i have got a strange kind of problem, actually there is a custom program which picks value from Mard table and display the one fied with repect to the material numbers and the same value we can see via the MMBE transaction also. actually sometimess the the field value comes as zero even though the value exists in MMBE transaction, Different times the different material gives the field value as zero.and most of the times the output is perfectly fine.

Actually there is select endselect statement has been written on the MARD table. i guess sometimes it is not able to read the database table. What shall i do?? i am planning to put do and enddo statement outside the select endselect stament. so that even if sometimes the database access fails the next time it will be fine. I am not able to find any other problem in the program.

It will be a great help.


Nikesh Kumar