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Feb 06, 2009 at 05:51 AM

J2Se receiver File adapter-HTTP 503 no listener registered for service



We are using J2Se file adapter for one the interfaces and the logs of the J2se adapter engine has shown the following error-

Error: HTTP 503 no listener registered for service /file/example_outbound


I checked with the J2SE File/FTP receiver adapter configuration given at and found the following the following info related to the error-

Specifications for addressing by the Integration Engine

○ XI.httpPort=<port_no>

<port_no>specifies the HTTP server port that receives the messages from the Integration Engine.

○ XI.httpService=<service>

<service> describes the service part of the address where the Integration Engine must send its messages.

These specifications are mandatory.

If, for example, you have specified XI.httpPort=1234 and XI.httpService=/file/Receiver, the end point address of the file/FTP adapter in the Integration Engine must be specified as follows:


The end point address must be extended as follows for the Integration Engine in Release 1.0:


If the Integration Engine message is sent to a non-specified adapter service, the system displays the following error message:

*No registered listener for <Service> found*

The system displays the same message if the adapter is initialized, but has not been started (status STOPPED or INITIALIZED).

Where I need to check this Integration engine address specifications. I have't found any of the above code in the adapter configuration which we are using presently.The interface is running successfully before but thrown this error now.

Please reply me if some one has faced similar issue and get it resolved.