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Former Member
Feb 06, 2009 at 05:46 AM

Problem in Quota Generation with STD prog RPTQTA00


Employees who joined the organisation before 01.02.2008 get different quota entitlements based on seniority. 0 to 5years is 25 days, 5 to 10years is 26 days, 10 to 15 years is 27 days

Employees who joined the orgnaisation after 01.02.2008 get only 25 days of Quota only per annum unlike the above.

Quota will be run on the 1st of everymonth which will have to pick all the employees whose birthday falls in that particular month.

We have configured the above secenario in base entitlement by giving 2 quota types for

Annual leave- with seniority conditions as above selecting relative period as Relative date type with option Technical date of birth.

Annual Leave 01022008 seniroity condition selected relative period as Technical date of birth. When we are trying to generate the quota for Annual leave it is picking up all the employees correctly but when we are running for 2nd quota type it is picking all the employees i.e employees falling under the criteria Annual Leave.Please suggest a solution.