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Enhance Custom Fiori App


I have enhanced standard Fiori My Inbox App and I deployed extended app in customer name space and transport is moved to Quality everything is fine till now.

But Now , I wanted to enhance one more section . When I am trying to do the same by importing by custom deployed application into web ide , i am not getting extensible pane option as shown below. am i doing something wrong? Please help.

Now the requirement is , I have to add one more custom field(ZABCD) in the already enhanced view(S3.CUSTOM.FRAGMENT.XML) and also to add 2 fields in another standard View(S2)

Please help ...!!!

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  • Hi Gregor Wolf, I am using Personal WebIDe and I have configured my back end system as well to it... So I was just clicking on import button in web ide and it asks me from which back end system and once i select the system details, project is getting downloaded to My local webIde .

    Yes , You are right.. Source code which I deployed after enhancing the standard app (ZFIORI_INBOX) is only having the custom enhancement views/controllers. So what should i do? Can you please send me relevant Document Link?

    Can you please also sugest what i should do in the requirement i mentioned in my question.

  • I would suggest the following approach:

    • Create a new extension project based on the SAP standard application
    • Initialize the Git repository and do a initial commit
    • Add the existing extensions to to the new extension project
    • Commit the changes
    • Start adding the new enhancements
  • Thanks Gregor Wolf,

    Do you have any supporting documents or any Link which will help me explore more and understand better.

    If so, Please let me know... !!!

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