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Feb 05, 2009 at 01:18 PM

Error during JOB_RSTLANUPG


Hi All,

We are in he downtime phase JOB_RSTLANUPG of the upgrade from R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0.

The job fails with the following error:


Job started

Step 001 started (program RSTLAN_UPGRADE, variant , user ID DDIC)


... system date: 05.02.2009 system time: 05:43:36

> Maximum return code of requests from SAPKLDEMX0 = 0004

... update modification management SAPKLDEMX0

... updating Support Package administration tables

Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE


I dont see anything in SM21 or ST22.

I have done what was recommended in note 626272 and it did not help.

1. Copied the *.PAT files from the EN subdirectory of the language into DIR_EPS/in directory.

2. Transaction SE37,

Select F8 to execute the SPDA_PREPARE_PATCH function module with the IV_MODE = U and IV_PATCH = <left blank> since it said <space> .

It seeme to recognize the PAT file from the language cd. And uploads everyting else from the EPS/in sucessfully.

Inspite of this I am unable to proceed. Am I missing something. Thanks for your time.