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Feb 05, 2009 at 11:30 AM

"sold-to party" role "sales area"



I'm working at VAR Solution Manager 7.0 SP17.

When I create a support message from satelllite system or workcenter this support message is created successfully but when I open it at crm_dno_monitor I get two errors:

Pricing data for partner 323 could not be read.

Enter a Currency

About detail error:


The attempt to read the pricing data for the current, valid business partner from the customer master was unsuccessful.

The access was carried out with sales organization 'O 50000721', distribution channel '' and division ''

If you have maintained a sales area conversion in R/3 that must be loaded per download into the CRM System (tables SMOTVTA and SMOTVKOS), this sales area is converted before the actual access.

System Response

The document is incorrect until the pricing data can be determined.


The pricing view is probably missing for your business partner in the customer master. Maintain this data. To do this, you can call up transaction BP for maintaining the business partner. In the locator select your business partner and load it by double-clicking. Choose the "sold-to party" role. Press the "sales area" button and choose the sales area given above. Maintain the incorrect data in the billing data screen.

I know the error reason but I don't know how to solve it. About errors:

BP 323 is the sold-to party so if I go to TA bp->323->sold-to party role->button "sales area data" -> Sales area->Sales Organization any value appears. The same to Distribution Channel field

I know that this error is generated by ppoma_crm configuration so at this TA my conf is:

GRUPOTEC(organizational unit)

tab function->checkbox sales->checked Sales Organization

tab function->checkbox service->checked Service Organization

tab attributes->checked Obj. Permitted in Determination

tab attributes->country->ES

Check consistency->green

GENERAL(organizational unit)

tab function->service->local->checked service team

tab attributes-> sales -> NO checked Obj. Permitted in Determination

tab attributes-> service -> checked Obj. Permitted in Determination

Check consistency->green


tab attributes-> service -> checked Obj. Permitted in Determination

Check consistency->green

Please could you help me?

Thanks and Regards.