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Jun 19, 2018 at 03:47 PM

How to update VEPO-VBELN after HU Repack

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Hello All,

I am using BAPI_HU_REPACK to create a new HU with Qty from the source HU and it works well.

My issue is after Repack source HU Item VEPO-VBELN is blank, before VBELN is has value filled with Inbound delivery number.

Before Repack HU Header VPOBJKEY is filled with Inbound delivery and getting overwritten after Unpack. And I was able to update Inbound delivery using FM HU_HEADER_UPDATE.

I couldn't use FM HU_ITEM_CHANGE as the structure doen't have VBELN field. Please let me know how to update VEPO-VBELN with Inbound delivery value.

Thanks in advance !